Mama Detox Herbal Infusion

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Mama Detox herbal tea has been developed to help young mothers regain their own energy, their tone, their female body, after stopping breastfeeding.

It contains quackgrass, which naturally promotes elimination, and green tea, which among its many benefits, improves the immune system and can reduce the effects of depression. It's here perfect herbal tea for the 4th trimester.

A purifying detox blend with the scent of nature, thanks to its Mediterranean note of rosemary. Warning! rosemary being an energizer, we advise you not to drink this herbal tea in the evening.

- 100% natural herbal tea  
- No sugar or artificial flavor
- Assembled by hand in France
- Net weight: 60 grams (i.e. 30 cups)

Composition: Nettle*, Rosemary*, Quackgrass*, Green tea*, Turmeric*, Currant*
*Ingredients from organic farming

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