"Eau Complice" Fragrance


This fragrance celebrates the bond between a dad and his children. 

This tender and mischievous breath is charged with emotions, it invites dads to enjoy moments of joy, games and childhood wonder, like a precious gift. 
A fresh and round fragrance that children will love to share with their dad. It will remain forever engraved in their memory as the memory of this complicit happiness. 

In the top note, bergamot, airy and sunny, gives off a whirlwind of freshness. 
Its heart is softened with almond milk, with a slightly sweet scent, evoking the tenderness of childhood. 
In the base note, the padded delicacy of white musk is associated with cedar, which reminds us of the smell of freshly sharpened pencil. 

Made in France with Love.

Also find our Eau Complice perfume in a beautiful box:

- The duo of perfumes with the perfume "To the Moon", ua wonderful gift idea for a couple of young parents

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