Goddess Necklace


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For the creation of this Goddess necklace, we were inspired by an African tradition that celebrates the beauty, the creative force and the power of the feminine.

Its shape evokes the dolls of the Ashanti people in Ghana. Originally carved from wood, these dolls were passed down from mother to daughter, before their marriage. It is said that they ensured fertility to those who bore them and took care of them, in order to give birth to a beautiful, healthy child.

Available in jewelry, the Ashanti doll becomes a powerful symbol of femininity.
This precious talisman accompanies you in your desire to become a mother.
It offers itself, as a symbolic gift, to a little girl, or a young girl when she becomes a woman.
It is also a magnificent invitation to reconnect with your feminine essence, to express each day your inner beauty, your creative power, and your connection with all the women of the world in a benevolent sorority.

A unique creation made with heart in France.

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