Wool Cocoon


This Wool Cocoon is inspired by the tradition of swaddling, practiced by mothers for millennia around the world.
It welcomes your baby gently, in an enveloping and reassuring sensation.
By reminding him of the comfort and security of his womb, he guides your little one towards a state of calm and well-being, favorable to falling asleep.

It is made with the greatest care in our workshop in Portugal, knitted with merino wool, obtained from animals raised outdoors in South America.

Our ultra-fine merino yarn is perfectly suited for the sensitive skin of babies.
It is recognized for its softness, flexibility, resistance, thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties, and ease of maintenance.

Hand wash, tumble dry. 
100% soft, supple, & thermoregulating merino wool. 
One size fits all 0-6 months.
Deposited model.

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