"To The Moon" Candle


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Our candle "To The Moon" creates a comforting atmosphere in your home with its warm notes of crunchy apple, cereal muesli and almond milk.

To accompany you towards more harmony, we have slipped a natural stone pendant into the heart of each candle. Selected in collaboration with a Lithotherapist, it will transmit all its benefits to you.

Handmade in Spain from a 100% vegetable wax guaranteed GMO-free and a certified lead-free cotton wick.

* Light your candle
* Relax as you breathe in its warm and comforting scent
* Once the candle is finished, using a tweezer, gently grab the jewel
* Discover your beneficial stone by taking it out of its small bag 
* Welcome it by taking it in your hand
* Observe its color, texture, harmonious shape and feel its energy

This stone is yours, it has chosen you and will transmit all its benefits to you!

Choose between Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Silver to define the finish of the healing stone inside, you will not be able to choose which will be your stone, luck will guide your choice 
Also find our box "To the Moon" with our Eau de toilette!

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