A Magical Ancestral Tradition
The Bola is a traditional Mayan jewel, legend has it that it calls for the presence of a benevolent guardian angel.
It produces a sound crystalline carrier of calm and harmony by rolling on the belly of the mother-to-be and from the 26th week, the baby begins to hear sounds like that of the Bola.
From birth, the Bola is transmitted in a lovey to remind baby of this state of fullness and serenity felt in his mother's womb.
Calm and soothe
During pregnancy, your body, state of mind and lifestyle will change somewhat. These changes can have a concrete effect on your growing baby and it may be difficult to calm down or take time for yourself. Pregnancy also brings its share of doubts and apprehensions.
This is how Bola can help you: it soothes you, calms you and you takes you to a state of well-being that you transmit to your baby.
Connect with Baby
 From week 26 of pregnancy, your baby begins to hear familiar sounds from his natural environment: your heartbeat, your breathing, but also outside sounds like your voice or music.
The Bola melody has a soothing effect on mom but also on baby because he also feels these positive vibrations.
Recall the fullness of uterine life
After birth, newborns recognize certain sounds heard in their mother's womb, such as a heartbeat, and this soothes them.
Our lovey continues the Bola experience with your baby: slip the Bola into your angel lovey, its soft tinkling will remind your baby of the well-being and security felt in utero, favoring his adaptation to this new environment.
Inside the Bola