How do I use my Pregnancy Bola?

When should I start wearing my Bola? What are its virtues? Many of you are asking yourself questions about the tradition of pregnancy Bola! Here are some answers.

From what point in my pregnancy can I start wearing a pregnancy bola?

In Mexico, the Pregnancy bola was offered to future mothers from the start of pregnancy as a protective amulet. Nicknamed "Llamador de Angeles" (in English "Call of the Angels"), legend has it that its soft crystalline tinkling, called the protection of the guardian angel of the baby and its mother. You can therefore wear your pregnancy Bola as a lucky charm from the first moments of pregnancy.

Does the baby really hear in the womb?

Scientific studies show that fetal hearing is indeed a reality. From the 26th week of pregnancy, your baby gradually becomes sensitive to the familiar sounds of his natural environment – your heartbeat, your breathing – but also to external sound stimuli – voice, music, singing. Researchers have also shown that newborns are able to recognize sounds that they often hear during uterine life. In particular, when infants are made to listen to the heartbeats they heard in their mother's womb, we observe a change in their behavior: calming, sucking, falling asleep, etc.  

Is hearing the sound of the Pregnancy Bola all day not bothersome?

The melody released by the Pregnancy Bola is very soft and harmonious. Contrary to certain received ideas, the function of the Pregnancy bola is not to constantly roll above the navel to make the baby hear its tinkle all day long. In daily life, when you are at work or outside, the sound of the pendant is very delicate. You can also wear your shorter pregnancy Bola – at the level of your heart – like a pretty necklace that will accessorize your pregnancy outfits, and whose ringing will be very subtle and discreet. 

How can I get my baby to listen to the sound of the Bola during pregnancy?

From 5th months of pregnancy, once a day, take a few minutes to let your baby listen to the sweet melody of your Pregnancy Bola: Choose a moment of calm and relaxation, for example during our guided meditation or after massaging your belly with your moisturizer. Put one hand on your belly, and in the other hand roll your Pregnancy bola, to gently rock your baby to the rhythm of his musical vibrations. By repeating this ritual daily, you create a sound imprint of love and well-being: your baby will forever associate the sound of this jewel with your reassuring presence.

What should I do with Pregnancy Bola after the birth of my baby?

After childbirth, the familiar melody of your Pregnancy bola will be a source of calm for your baby. You can hang it on the stroller or crib to jingle it when your newborn baby shows signs of nervousness. You can also sew it into its cuddly toy which will become a reassuring little companion for your baby, reminding him of the comfort and security felt during his uterine life.

Does the sound of the Pregnancy Bola really soothe the newborn?

By making your baby listen to its sweet melody every day during the last trimester of your pregnancy, your pregnancy bola will become a source of calm for your newborn. This ancestral tradition, used for millennia in Mexico, is not a miracle solution to calm your baby's crying, but one more tool to help you reassure your little one in addition to other methods: rocking, singing , baby carrier etc.

Does the pregnancy Bola tradition come from Mexico or Indonesia?

The two ! The tradition of Pregnancy bola is present in Mexico (where it is called "Llamador de Angeles") and Bali in Indonesia, but is said to have the same common origin: this ritual is believed to be thousands of years old, when Latin America and Asia were one single continent. When they separated, this tradition would have traveled, on the one hand to Mexico and on the other to Bali.



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