It was thanks to my baby boy that I discovered Ilado.

Pregnant with Louis, I couldn't find a bola to my liking and really not a lot of choice so I went to see what was being done in France and I came across Ilado Paris
We fell in love with this wonderful company launched by an incredible women, mom, collaborator, Sandra Zeller.

I immediately felt the benefits of the bola, when it touched the skin, baby responded to where the bola was, in addition to these rituals, we played together and then dad took part in the game, he started playing with baby when mom was sleeping and a beautiful relationship was born between them before birth 

Being bedridden from the 20th to the 32nd week, the bola helped me connect with Louis, soothe him and calm him down (he was often very excited in his stomach, moved a lot, this little rascal wanted born in advance...)
I loved this bola for its meaning, its history but also for its simple and refined design

It all started from there, one morning in February 2019 with the courage to try new challenges and embark on a beautiful adventure full of sweetness and light.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all this love and allowing Ilado Canada to continue to exist