Episode 2 - Giving Yourself Time

You made the wish to become a mother, and I am very happy for you, because becoming a mother is a wonderful experience, it is one of the most beautiful acts of love that is.
I created this program to walk you through the path to your baby. And this path has already started.
Motherhood does not start when the positive sign appears on your pregnancy test ...
You may have already realized that, your mum adventure begins, as soon as you and your partner make the wish to become a parent.
You have made the wish to become a mom, but your wish has not yet been granted. You are in what can be called the "time forward" which is both joyful when you think of the family you are about to found, but which is also a moment of life tinged with doubts, worry, stress, especially if your baby is not arriving fast enough for what you had planned or if you seek medical help to help you conceive.
In this episode of Birth of a Mom, I'd like to tell you about what I think is every mom's first learning and arguably the most important of all: patience.
I'll explain why everything turns upside down in us the day we want to become a mom, but still why it's important to allow ourselves time.
I would like to invite you to take a new look at this time, to see it not only as a time of waiting which can be a source of frustration or discouragement, but as a preparation time for pregnancy.
Because getting pregnant is overwhelming.
And every week, I will be there to accompany you, not as a midwife, but as a sister, a friend, a mother, to help you prepare your body, heart and mind to this wonderful upheaval.
Happy listening!
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