Discover the ancestral properties of the 12 stones associated with the 12 months of the year. Choose your stone according to your birth month, that of a loved one, or a date that has marked you. Slip it into the hollow of your ILADO amulet alone, or in association with your other charms.

January - The Garnet

Admired for its beautiful raspberry undertones, garnet is considered a sacred stone by Native Americans. Symbol of strength, courage and love, it was also worn as a protective talisman.

February - Amethyst

This stone with purple undertones is a symbol of harmony and inner peace. Traditionally recognized for its soothing virtues, it would calm fears and dispel nightmares.

Mars - Aquamarine

A luminous blue stone reminiscent of seawater, aquamarine is said to be a source of clarity, truth and integrity.

April - The Diamond

It is the ancient Greeks who gave the name of diamond by calling it " adamas ", which means "invincible" because they believed diamonds were shards of stars that fell to earth. It symbolizes strength, courage and invincibility.

May - The Emerald

Admired for its vibrant green, emerald is said to be the bearer of love, courage and healing.

June - La Perle

Admired for its softness and pearly reflections, the pearl was the symbol of love and femininity in ancient Greece.

July - Le Rubis

A flamboyantly colored stone, the ruby ​​symbolizes the radiance and radiance of the heart, passion and courage.

August - Le Péridot

Peridot, with a bright olive green, is traditionally recognized for its balancing properties. It would relieve tension, stress and emotional overload.

September - The Sapphire

The sapphire shines a deep blue. Legend has it that it would protect against evil spirits, and bring clarity and wisdom.

October - La Tourmaline

Tourmaline, with light pink reflections, is said to be a source of opening of the heart, softness and appeasement of emotions and fears.

November - La Citrine

Admired for its golden yellow, Citrine is said to bring energy, optimism and joie de vivre.

December - La Topaze

Blue Topaz would promote freedom of expression, openness and clarity of communication.