The Benefits of my Beneficial Sphere

"At Ilado, we believe in the influence of stones and crystals on well-being. Their virtues have been used since Antiquity all over the world. Inspired by this ancestral practice, we have selected, in collaboration with the lithotherapist Johann Chevillard, natural stone spheres. Their energetic vibrations will accompany you every day towards more harmony and balance "
Sandra Zeller, founder of Ilado
Tenderness and security
Stone of great tenderness, its presence in a room soothes emotions, calms fears and allows you to find a beautiful harmony in the heart. It is an energy of love that spreads so naturally where everyone is free to express their needs, to confide in themselves and to gain confidence in their feelings. Rose quartz is a stone of maternal tenderness, reassuring and serene. A rose quartz sphere can be placed in any room of the house, including the bedroom for a soft and reassuring sleep.
Calm and relaxation
A sphere of blue calcite diffuses an energy of lightness and calm. It stabilizes the emotions and the mind and opens a space of inner calm. It is perfect in the living room or in the bedroom when the mind is too present to gently pacify it. Its sedimentary energy, reassuring and relaxing, is particularly suitable for children to relax them as well as for all nervous or anxious people. Blue calcite also helps us to express ourselves calmly and to fluidify our blockages related to speaking. This is why you can place it, for example, in the center of a table during a meal.
Stability and balance
A pretty stone with elegant designs, the promise of good energy stability. The Agate is a stone of great simplicity with interesting properties: in a room, a sphere of white agate secures and stabilizes our energies on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. We quietly rediscover the sense of realities listening to ourselves. It allows us to see and appreciate the present moment by letting the tensions naturally evacuate. Its energy promotes listening to our body, our sensations to think and act in accordance with our natural rhythm. White agate can be placed in any room of the house.
Advice from lithotherapist Johann Chevillard:
It is recommended not to put more than two spheres in the same room so as not to overload it with energy.
Be careful not to expose your stones to too much natural light, otherwise it will lose its color.
If you do not use a sphere (or a stone in general) store it in a drawer or under a thick cloth to "fall asleep" its vibrations.
Upon receiving your stone, we invite you to take a few minutes with it to welcome its energies and place it in full consciousness in your interior.
Place the sphere in front of you and make yourself comfortable on a chair or armchair. Watch her carefully for two or three minutes, without special effort, in a relaxed posture. Allow the sensations and emotions that arise without trying to understand or analyze. You naturally come into contact with the energies of the stone.
We also invite you to place a gentle intention on the sphere to strengthen the energetic bond between the stone and your home. For example: "Thank you, sweet rose quartz, for spreading your tenderness and your love in this room". Find your own words that make sense. Beyond words, intention and sincerity are much more important. You can also offer this ritual to your children if you wish, in a fun and friendly approach. The greater and more shared the intention, the more the energetic impact of the sphere will be felt.
A stone sphere naturally takes charge of the surrounding energies it stores. It is therefore necessary to purify it and then to recharge it regularly.
Once a month, place the coarse salt in a bowl, about 5 large handfuls. Cover with a cloth then place the sphere on this cloth. Leave for 3 hours then throw the salt in the trash. Your sphere is thus clean and cleansed of stagnant energies.
Once a week, pass your sphere under a stream of water (except for the blue calcite which is too soft) for a minute for a light purification .
Once purified, let your sphere recharge in the morning or at the end of the day in contact with the rays of light, outside or on a window sill. Two or three hours are sufficient. Avoid strong sun so as not to discolor your sphere.
To enjoy the benefits of your natural stone sphere, we offer several easy little rituals for you and your children.
Make yourself comfortable on a chair with your child on you then both take the sphere in hands. Close your eyes and imagine the energy of the stone spreading throughout your body. Support your child in this little ritual that can be done in two minutes. Share your feelings together and thus enjoy the soft energy of the sphere.
If the sphere is placed in your child's room, on his bedside table for example, invite him to take it in his hands a few minutes before s 'to fall asleep. During the evening reading, the sphere thus becomes an energy blanket. You can also talk to him about the stone and its "powers" while your child observes it in his hands. Our hands are great entryways for energies. The longer the contact is, the faster we feel the benefits of the stone.
During your day or in the evening, coming home from work, passing in front of your sphere, stop for a few seconds and observe there. Take 3 deep breaths and exhalations, let yourself be infused by its energy and find more calm and calm. Do it again as many times as you want!
We also invite you to do your own experiments, create your rituals and let your imagination run wild!