The choice of my Beneficial Drop

"Lithotherapy is the art of using stones and crystals for an effect on well-being.
Each stone has its own vibration depending on its color, internal structure, trace elements, formation and hardness.If the stone has its own vibration, the most interesting thing is to come into contact with it and create link with its specific energies "

Johann Chevillard, lithotherapist


If you hesitate between several stones, close your eyes, breathe and ask yourself "what do I need now?".
The emerging answer will find application in one of our 7 beneficial drops!


Stone of emotional balance

When we take events too seriously, The Amazonite brings a precious perspective to see or consider a situation as a whole. She accompanies us to let go of annoyances while listening to those around us and our inner world.


Stone of Dialogue

Its gentle vibration opens the way for fluid and sincere communication, to find the right words with delicacy. It is ideal for daring to express what seems right to us. Dialogue but also listen to each other, while respecting our own needs. The Angelite also calms the mind by dispelling unnecessary ruminations.


Stone of freshness and openness

Invigorating, the chrysoprase brings a breath of fresh air to help us stay centered in the heart, listening to our deepest and sincere aspirations. It also brings spontaneity and simplicity to the exchanges that it greatly facilitates. A beautiful heart stone to discover.


Stone of Protection

Long known and used as a stone of protection, the labradorite is known to absorb destabilizing stagnant energies. It is also a very good anchor stone, which connects us to the earth in order to conserve our personal energies and make us naturally available to our loved ones, without dispersing!



Stability Stone

Its light brown brings structure and stability in the calm. If you tend to have your head in the clouds, the smoky quartz will be an ally to keep your feet on the ground while providing a pleasant light touch. Easy to access and easy to feel, the smoky quartz allows you to manage your daily life in peace.



Stone of tenderness

With infinite softness, the rose quartz comforts, reassures and brings the most soothing energy to the heart. It lightens our emotional and intimate world with its subtle vibrations, to be preferred in case of grief or heartache. It is also a stone that strengthens the bond of natural love between mother and baby.



Stone of femininity and intuition

Exploring your femininity and living it in harmony with yourself and others, such are the promises of the moonstone. It is a beautiful stone of openness and tolerance, leaving room for new ideas and the subtle information that surrounds us. The spontaneity that it develops allows us to better understand and experience our emotional intelligence on a daily basis.

At first, it is better to wear a single drop to specifically feel your energies.
Then, some combinations are possible, we offer three:

- the rose quartz and the amazonite for a complete balance of the heart, combining tenderness and openness

- the smoky quartz and the labradorite for stability and effective grounding

- the angelite and the moonstone to express your femininity with tact and accuracy.

In any case, avoid mixing more than three stones, as the energy information would be too fuzzy for your body. Simplicity remains the rule!


In the morning, before wearing it, sit comfortably and breathe quietly, then take the stone in your hand. Welcome any sensations, images or feelings that might arise. You can talk to her or ask her to walk you through your day with the properties she owns. 2 or 3 minutes are already enough to create this bond with your stone.

During the day, during a break, gently grip the stone in the palm of your hand. Visualize the energy of the stone rising in your arm, your body, providing you with its benefits.

In the evening, by removing your gout, thank her for having accompanied you, with a gesture or a word that has meaning for you.


Your beneficial gout needs to be purified and recharged once a week, to fully benefit from its energies.

The easiest way is to place coarse salt in a cup, cover with a cloth and then place the drop (s) on top. Salt absorbs unwanted energies within hours. Throw the salt in your trash immediately after purification

Then place your stones on a windowsill for an hour or two to boost them before wearing them again. The ideal is to recharge them in the morning or at the end of the day when the sun is still mild so as not to attack your stones. Even without direct contact with the sun (when the weather is gloomy) your stones recharge slowly.

We do not recommend that you purify the drops with water as this will oxidize the silver or gold on the mount.