Sun and pregnancy: all our tips for a beautiful summer in the sun while expecting baby

Too much sun during pregnancy: beware of danger!

The sun is not harmful to your baby, but during pregnancy your skin is more fragile. You must therefore be extra careful to preserve its freshness and prevent the appearance of spots. If you already use the sun in moderation, it shouldn't be too difficult for you to have a safe summer while pregnant. As usual, you'll avoid exposing yourself to the hottest hours of the day, between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Take the opportunity to have lunch and, comfortably seated in your deckchair, take a nap in the shade, read a book, listen to a podcast, do a crossword ... A very nice program, isn't it?

Pregnancy under high protection

Outside, these hours when the sun is at its zenith, do not go out without good protection: sunscreen factor 50+, wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, will protect your face. Beware of certain weather conditions, which could cause you to forget to protect yourself. When cloudy or windy, you feel less heat, but the sun can hit hard. The key is sunburn guaranteed! Finally, don't forget to reapply your cream every two hours, or after swimming.

Sun and pregnancy mask

Caused by the hormonal upheaval of pregnancy, the pregnancy mask is characterized by the appearance of brown or grayish spots on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth, on the cheeks, from the fourth month of pregnancy. It appears more frequently in brunettes with a dark complexion. If this is your case, be extra careful! If, despite all your precautions, the pregnancy mask appears: rest assured, it is unsightly, but it disappears a maximum of 6 months after childbirth. The sun plays a role in its appearance, by protecting you well, you limit the risks.

Take a light bath during pregnancy!

The sun does not only present risks, it also brings well-being, in particular a lot of light. The light is good for morale. It also helps to fix vitamin D, essential for your skeleton and the formation of that of your baby. Pregnant women frequently suffer from vitamin D deficiency in late pregnancy. To avoid it, try to give yourself some light baths. To take advantage of the light while protecting yourself from the sun, the good habit is to favor shaded places for your outdoor activities. Under a parasol or in the shade of a tree, you can enjoy the light while being protected from the sun!

Sun, heat and pregnancy: beware of varicose veins!

The sun and the heat aggravate circulatory problems. Pregnancy, too. If you are pregnant during the summer, then you have every good reason to watch your legs closely. To avoid the appearance of varicose veins, avoid exposing your legs to the sun, even with sunscreen. If you like to have tanned legs, self-tanners will not protect the skin, but they will give you that pretty tan color you like so much! To fight against swelling, avoid crossing your legs and in general anything that can impede the flow of blood.

Compression stockings are not always easy to bear in summer. However, they bring a lot of well-being. In terms of aesthetics, manufacturers have made great strides in recent years. The famous “stockings with varicose veins” now adopt finer textures and colors allowing them to be adapted to your skin tone and your tastes. But, one of the best ways to get traffic moving is still to get moving. You can schedule daily walks. In summer, they are so pleasant that you will have no trouble getting into the habit of walking every day. Last little remedy for uncomfortable swelling: run your legs under a stream of cold water. Relaxing effect guaranteed!

How to endure extreme heat during pregnancy?

Like every summer, Quebec could once again be exposed to heat waves. It is not always easy to take when you are pregnant. During pregnancy, the body temperature naturally drops from 37.5 ° to 37.8 °. No wonder you often feel like you are a little too hot. During hot weather, increase your water consumption, and never forget to go without your bottle! You can also equip yourself with a small fogger, very useful for creating moments of freshness at any time. Wear loose and comfortable clothes, light colors, natural materials like linen, cotton and silk. Don't hesitate to take a dip in the pool. Swimming and aqua aerobics are excellent for keeping you in shape during pregnancy, and very pleasant when the thermometer is rising!

Ilado wishes you a beautiful sunny summer without risks for you and your baby!