4 original ideas for extraordinary pregnancy memories

What could be better than photography to preserve your memories of pregnancy? The classic pregnancy photo shoot is renewed thanks to new sources of inspiration from social networks and people. New techniques too, integrating video and graphics: time lapse, belly painting and pregnancy tattoos… Ilado gives you new ideas to keep all your memories of pregnancy in an original way!

An original photo shoot to keep your memories of pregnancy

From the 6 th month of pregnancy, your belly begins to have a nice plump shape. It's time to do your pregnancy photo shoot. This is an opportunity to put your spouse to work by asking him to show off his talents as a photographer. He can also take a seat in front of the lens, posing with you and your children, if you already have them. In this case, a close friend or family member will take on the role of the photographer. Good photos are above all neat staging. If you're lacking inspiration, a quick peek at social media, Instagram and Pinterest in particular, should spark your imagination. You can also hire a professional photographer. He's used to portraying expectant mothers and has all the little pro secrets to show them off. With him, you take no risk, you are always beautiful!

Posing naked during your pregnancy, good idea or not?

Posing pregnant and naked, and why not? Lots of big screen, song, and fashion stars have done it. For over 30 years, celebrities have been reluctant to pose pregnant and naked for magazine covers. And the result is still as elegant as ever. Are you ready for a little trip through time? Let's go ! In 1991, it was American actress Demi Moore who dared to take the plunge by making the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Many others will follow: top model Cindy Crawford in 1999, actress Monica Bellucci in 2004, Britney Spears in 2006, Christine Aguilera in 2008, Miranda Kerr and models Claudia Schiffer and Estelle Lefébure in 2010, Maria Carey in 2011 , Jessica Simpson and Sienna Miller in 2012. Closer to home, in 2017, tennis player Serena Williams and actress Natalie Portman also agreed to pose in Eve's outfit during their pregnancy. It gives you ideas, doesn't it?

Your pregnancy time lapse, 9 months on video

The pregnancy time lapse is a series of photos that chronicle your 9 months of pregnancy. You can create it from a series of photos of you, in profile, taken regularly throughout your pregnancy. At the end, you will make a small video montage from these photos. You can photograph yourself with your smartphone for a very natural rendering. For a more professional look, use a camera on a tripod instead. For a good time lapse, the most important thing is to have an idea for a script before you start: tender, humorous, simple narration, colors or black and white, anything is possible. The time lapse is above all a reflection of your personality. To make your movie you will need to take a lot of pictures, about 25 per week for a one minute video! Choose your music carefully. It is really essential to give a personal touch to your pregnancy time lapse.

Immortalize your pregnancy with Ilado pregnancy tattoos!

The Ilado temporary pregnancy tattoos are a fun and easy way to personalize your pregnancy photos. They can be applied very easily to your belly to adorn it with pretty patterns (moon, heart, lotus flower, four-leaf clover, messages ...). You can also use them to communicate with your loved ones or your family in an original way by tattooing the message that suits you on the skin: I'm pregnant, you're going to be a dad, it's a boy, do you want to be my godmother? … Then just take a small photo. And presto, it's sent! These small temporary tattoos are also very pretty skin jewels, to wear throughout your pregnancy to enhance your daily life!

Cover Photo: Vicki Diamant by Marie-Ève Rompré - www.marieeverompre.com