4 gift ideas for a pregnant woman

A photo shoot

Many new mothers regret not having a picture of her pregnant! The 9 months of pregnancy go by at full speed and we often allow ourselves to be overcome by everyday life. To keep track of those magical moments, giving a mom-to-be a photoshoot is a great idea. Alone, with the future dad or even with the rest of the siblings, a photo shoot is always a pleasant moment and the assurance of very nice memories.

A relaxing break

Between work, seniors and everyday life, expectant mothers live at 100 per hour! It is therefore difficult to take a little time for a massage or a treatment, even though it is precisely at this time that women need it most. To fill a pregnant woman with joy, you can, for example, offer her a facial or body treatment in a beauty salon. By making sure to choose a place that offers healthy and suitable products! Another idea is to surprise her with a special massage to be a mother-to-be, for a relaxing and truly timeless break.

A pregnancy bola

The bola , a traditional jewel of Mayan mothers, is both an elegant jewel and a wonderful instrument for bonding with baby. On contact with the mother's womb, it emits a delicate sound that is nicknamed "Call of the angels". A soft and captivating melody which will then have the virtue of soothing baby. Choose it in a noble material such as gold or silver and accompany it with a chain or a silk cord. The Bola is a precious symbol of pregnancy, that forever irreplaceable period of fusion and unconditional love.

A special beauty set for expectant mothers

During pregnancy the skin is strained, so it is essential to take care of it. What if you concoct for the mother-to-be that you want to spoil a specially adapted beauty box? Favor soft textures with a delicate fragrance and especially products without preservatives, without essential oils and without endocrine disruptors. Precious oil to fight against stretch marks, balm or nourishing milk, anything that will please her!