Gift Ideas - Mama-to-be

Are you looking for gift ideas for a mother-to-be who will accompany her in this wonderful change of life to come? Choose a maternity gift that will gently prepare for the arrival of the baby or savor the first weeks of life. Discover the nice selection of Ilado gifts to give to a mother-to-be during a baby shower!

The pregnancy bola: a gift to strengthen the bond between mother and baby

If you want to please a pregnant woman with a symbolic jewel, the pregnancy bola is the gift you need!

This traditional jewel emits a soft and delicate ringing, very soothing. It is worn from the early stages of pregnancy to appease future mothers. From the 5 th month of pregnancy, baby can begin to hear this sweet melody thanks to the development of his auditory system. Over the course of the pregnancy, he will become familiar with the gentle ringing of his bell when his mother will roll him on her stomach in a moment of sharing, sweetness and complicity that will strengthen their bond.

After birth, this gift continues to accompany the baby. Indeed, the mother can hang the ball of the pregnancy bola to a lovey bola in order to continue to make him listen to this comforting melody during the first months, in particular to facilitate his fall asleep.

In the mother-baby gift box offered by Ilado, you can find the pregnancy bola, the baby comforter, and a nice booklet explanatory which tells you all about the origin of this magnificent tradition, about the ritual to be practiced every day with baby, but also about the testimonies of user mothers. A perfect birth gift !

An eau de toilette to perfume mom and baby's linen

An eau de toilette with a soft and delicate fragrance is also an ideal gift to spoil a mother-to-be, who is much more sensitive to odors.

Ilado created To The Moon a scented caress inspired by the tender and addictive smell of the first skin to skin between a mother and her baby. It is made up of sweet, comforting and warm notes: crunchy apple, muesli cereal, almond milk, vanilla and caramel.

The "To The Moon" perfume can be shared with children, but also spray on baby's linen (blanket, clothes, bed bumper, etc.) to comfort and reassure him by reminding him of the invisible presence of his baby. mom.

A scented candle to create a warm and soothing atmosphere

Ilado created a nice candle delicately illustrated with a shower of stars. Her name "To The Moon" evokes a mother’s declaration of infinite love for her baby.

Offered as a pregnancy gift to a mother-to-be, she can sit alight around a hot bath to enjoy this delicate olfactory caress.

After birth, its sweet smell creates a soft and warm atmosphere in the house.

And to help mothers towards more well-being, the Ilado candle contains a precious secret: once the candle is consumed, you can discover a natural stone pendant. We have selected them with a lithotherapist for their beneficial properties.

Are you hesitating between several gift ideas to spoil a future mother in your life?

  • If your friend wears jewelry a lot, the pregnancy bola is the perfect gift!
  • Does she like to use perfume? So the To The Moon Ilado perfume with its soft and delicate fragrance is the perfect gift for a future mother.
  • Does she love interior design? The Ilado candle is perfect in a living room as a decorative element, but also to create a warm and comforting atmosphere thanks to its sweet scent.

Whatever your choice, the most important thing is to give a gift that makes you happy! Also discover our ideas of birth gifts to spoil and welcome baby, like the lovey bola or our wool cocoon inspired by the tradition of swaddling.