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What is the best gift to foster the bond daddy - baby?

The mother has 9 months to create a unique bond with her baby. She feels it growing in her womb as the weeks go by. The movements of her toddler are also more and more precise over time.

For the dad, bonding is less obvious before birth. It is therefore difficult to project yourself without having a direct relationship with your child. From the 5 th month, he can finally put his hands on his mother's belly to feel the little kicks. But very often, these signs are weak to perceive the new life which is looming for these young parents and especially for the dad.

So when the long-awaited encounter arrives, the emotions are as lively as they are varied! Joy overflows and this indescribable feeling of love begins to appear. And some fathers take longer than others to find their place between this strong mom-baby duo. To give him confidence, we must therefore find a gift for a useful future dad, which will allow him to forge a close bond with his little girl or his little boy.

If the mother wore a bola during her pregnancy then you can offer the dad a Ilado bracelet with a bola, in order to recreate this bubble of serenity established in -utero. This jewel does not only have an aesthetic role. He comes to soothe the baby who is then rocked by the soft tinkling of it. Worn by the dad after birth, the bola reproduces the sounds heard by baby throughout his journey in his mum's womb. He can then feel calm and calm down in his daddy's arms. A particularly symbolic and useful jewel that allows the new dad to find his place. He then participates in the creation of a strong and reassuring bond with the newborn.

A set for the whole family can also come in handy if you want to give a common baby shower. The Ilado box Mom-Dad-Baby notably contains a pregnancy bola for mom, a bola baby comforter , as well as a bola bracelet for dad. This gift is ideal if you want to please the whole family before the baby arrives. Mom can then wear her pregnancy jewel before birth to accustom baby to the gentle sounds of the bola.

Dad gift idea for well-being

Baby's first few months are usually trying for everyone in the family. The times when it is possible to rest are often rare, the rhythm of the days being totally upset. Indeed, it is not necessarily possible to put your baby down and eat calmly together at the table, for example. These daily habits then become exceptional with a newborn baby.

Likewise, it can be difficult to make time to take care of yourself when you become parents. To improve the well-being of the dad, then offer him an Ilado eau de toilette . It is specially designed to reassure baby, thanks to its notes of bergamot, almond milk or white musk. This bouquet of aromas is both positive and reassuring for babies. These small gestures do a lot of good for morale, especially when the daily rhythm becomes hectic.

Thanks to Ilado, you will inevitably find a suitable dad gift idea to please and touch the young father, before or after the baby is born!