Pregnancy and breastfeeding herbal teas

"At Ilado, we believe in the virtues of plants, recognized and used for millennia around the world. From India to Peru , passing through China and Egypt, recipes for infusions, based on dried flowers, leaves, stems, roots, are passed on from mother to daughter, like a universal secret of well-being. Inspired by this ancestral ritual. , we have developed a range of Beneficial Infusions to accompany you towards more well-being at each stage of your life as a mother. Drinking your Beneficial Infusion becomes a daily ritual, an invitation to take a break in your life as a mother, to rediscover your inner harmony. "
Sandra Zeller, founder of Ilado
Our French manufacture

Our 100% natural blends of plants from organic farming have been selected for their active ingredients and taste qualities in collaboration with naturopath Eva Ouahbé.

We work hand in hand with an artisanal assembly workshop located in the Loire, which puts all its know-how in the development of our formulas, from the rigorous selection of raw materials to packaging of our herbal teas in eco-designed packaging.

Our herbal teas are:
- 100% natural and made from organically grown plants
- Vegan
- No sugar or artificial flavors
- Hand assembled in France
Les Infusions Mama: 4 herbal teas combining pleasure and benefits for future and young mothers
From the start of pregnancy: MAMA-TO-BE
This mixture of plants accompanies future mothers for a harmonious pregnancy by acting on the small ailments of everyday life.
Red vine, known for its properties on venous circulation, is associated with mallow flower with digestive properties, and lemon balm, whose effectiveness has been demonstrated on the quality of sleep.
Source of well-being and theine-free, Mama-to-Be infusion with a fresh and delicately lemony flavor will gently accompany your days and evenings.
Composition: Verbena *, Red Vine *, Ginger *, Lemon balm *, Matricaria *, Mallow *, Cardamom * * Ingredients from organic farming
From the last month of pregnancy: READY MAMA
This herbal tea has been specially developed to accompany expectant mothers as they approach childbirth.
Raspberry leaves are associated with lemon balm, which promotes restful sleep and lavender, which invites relaxation.
This infusion with a gentle floral note will bring you its benefits for a break imbued with calm and serenity.
Composition: Raspberry *, Lemon balm *, Lavender *, Rose *
* Ingredients from organic farming
From the start of breastfeeding: MILKY MAMA
This mixture of herbs to infuse accompanies young mothers for a serene breastfeeding.
It contains fennel and caraway seeds, which naturally increase milk production. Once infused, discover its fresh, delicately anise note, and enjoy a moment of relaxation throughout the day.
Composition: Anise *, Fennel *, Caraway Seed *, Hibiscus *, Nettle *, Coconut *
* Ingredients from organic farming

As soon as breastfeeding stops: MAMA DETOX
This herbal tea has been developed to help young mothers regain their silhouette.
Contains quackgrass, which naturally promotes elimination, and green tea, which supports weight loss as part of a diet. A purifying detox blend with the scent of nature, thanks to its Mediterranean note of rosemary.
Composition: Nettle *, Rosemary *, Quackgrass *, Green tea *, Turmeric *, Redcurrant *
* Ingredients from organic farming
Preparation tips from Nancy Riamon, dietician-nutritionist trained in the school of medicinal plants.
In order to fully benefit from the benefits of our infusions, we recommend the following ritual:
- Put 1 tablespoon of plants (the equivalent of 3 grams) in a saucepan
- Pour 200-250 ml of cold water on the plants
- Bring to a boil
- From the first tremors, stop the heat source and cover
- Let infuse 10 minutes
- Filter and pour into your cup
- Take a few minutes to close your eyes and inhale the aromas of your infusion while breathing slowly and deeply
- Drink slowly as you visualize the benefits of plants spreading throughout your body, where you need them most.
- Take advantage of this moment as a parenthesis, a time to relax and connect to your inner harmony.
When you are in a hurry, you can prepare your herbal tea by pouring boiling water over your plants and letting it steep for 10 minutes.