Everything you need to know about the mother-baby olfactory link

The smell of babies, such a delicious scent

Any human being, woman or man, who has ever hugged a baby knows how unique, indescribable and delicious its smell is, even if it doesn't. has never been a parent before. Why do babies smell so good? According to some scientists, baby being totally dependent on his parents to survive at birth, he must develop arguments of seduction powerful enough to encourage those around him to take care of him.

In our societies, most children are wanted and their parents look forward to them, so babies no longer need to resort to such ploys to be loved . But, in the still fairly near past, they had to show a strong case for winning over those around them and getting them taken care of. One of them was probably the delicious smell they give off when they are born. She always has the same effects on their mother, immense pleasure playing an important role in her attachment to their child.

What does a baby smell like?

For the most rational of us, the smell of newborns would come from the mixture of the remains of amniotic fluid and vernix caseosa, the creamy substance that coats baby to her birth and forms a protective layer on her skin in her intrauterine life . Subsequently, it would find its origin in the smell of breast milk and certain ingredients contained in baby care products, such as calendula. For others, the scent of babies is much more abstract and involves a range of emotions leading to much less rational descriptions ...

How do moms describe the smell of their baby?

When you ask moms what their baby's smell looks like, they let their imaginations speak more. If their answers vary, they always evoke something sweet, warm and pleasant: a small brioche, a warm bun, sandwich bread, butter, cereals, the smell of breast milk, that of vanilla, almond or caramel, or that of an abstract flavor that is a little sweet and powdery at the same time ... This perfume is fixed forever in their memory and everything that evokes it connects them instantly to the memory of the first moments of happiness with their little one.

Putting the smell of babies in a bottle, a trip to the land of happy motherhood

And if we could capture the baby's scent and imprison it forever in a bottle? Then it would be possible to be able to evoke it at any time of a simple pressure, a delicious pschitt that would have the immense power to plunge us back into this sweet memory that inhabits every woman who has ever been a mother, that of her little one snuggled up against her breast.

To the Moon, Ilado's first fragrance: the smell of babies in a bottle

"To the Moon", the name chosen by Ilado for his first perfume , evokes the immense love of a mother for her child, a love so great that he can be compared to the distance that separates it from the moon! Its round and glittery gold bottle contains the secret of the smell of babies! "To the Moon" is much more than a perfume, it is a magic elixir, evocative of a magical period in the life of a mother, that of the first months spent with her child, unique moments, quickly flown away, and for which we cherish forever. "To the Moon" has the power to remind us of them at any time!