Thalasso Baby Bath: a treatment to welcome babies into the world


For 9 months, your baby grew in your womb. Connected to you for food, but also in connection with your sensations: your heart rate, your breaths, your emotions, your joys, your anxieties, your surprises. He is at the forefront of your life. Month after month, your bond is woven, unique and precious. And you start to think about your beautiful meeting. How would you like to welcome him? What are the first words you want to share with him? We asked Sarah Khelifa, State Registered Nurse, hypnotherapist and Ambassador of Well Being in France, to share with us her advice on welcoming newborns.

The importance of the birth plan

Birth is your child's very first experience on Earth, and the way you welcome your baby will intimately guide his or her life. It cannot be said enough, your first meeting with your newborn baby should be nourished by looks, smiles and skin-to-skin contact, overflowing tenderness, and, except in a life-threatening emergency, uninterrupted by technical care of caregivers. This is why your birth plan is so important. Take the time to prepare it, to think about your desires for your baby, how you would like to welcome him.

How to best welcome baby on the day of his birth?

The birth of your baby is meaningful for her entire life. If possible, we advise you, from the first moment, to hold your child against you, directly in contact with your skin. You allow him to rediscover what he already knows and reassures him: your heat, your smell, your breathing, your heartbeat…

Also think about the first words you want to share with your baby. Words that will forever remain engraved in your child's subconscious. What are the first words he will hear? Love words? Blessings? The main thing is to make him feel that his coming is a gift, that you love him deeply, that his presence makes you happy. By being attentive to welcoming your baby, you are giving him the best start in life.

Sometimes there are too fast arrivals, in an emergency, trying ... If you do not have the opportunity to welcome your child as you had dreamed, it is advisable to take the time to explain it and tell it to your baby, put words on it.

And the magic of life is that nothing is set in stone. With support and guidance, great encounters, bonds are forged and strengthened, to write a great story.

What is the Baby Bath Thalasso?

The Baby Bath Thalasso is a treatment given during the first month of baby's life. It is a transition between the intrauterine world and the terrestrial world.
It must be practiced by trained people, because it requires dexterity and experience.

As part of a Thalasso Bain Bébé treatment, I first welcome young parents with their babies, in a cozy and warm space. We take the time to discuss how the pregnancy went, as well as the delivery. This information guides me and allows me to understand and fantasize the intrauterine universe in which the baby was bathed.

A real bond of trust and benevolence is woven between the young parents and me. They engage in their moments of joy but also on the more difficult moments, see traumatic in connection with pregnancy and / or childbirth. I am here to welcome their story. Verbalizing is already starting work with the baby, anxieties subside, pain disappears ...

The Baby Bath Thalasso takes place in a room dedicated to the practice of this treatment. The lights are dim, the temperature is around 26 ° C, the water is hot. Wrapped in a soft swaddle, Baby lets himself go at the first cradles. Everything is designed to recreate an environment close to the one in which the baby grew up, the maternal uterus.

The slowness of my gestures coupled with the soft melody diffused and the whisper of my voice, allows baby to let go, to reconnect with what is familiar to him, it reassures him, secures him. Completely connecting to the needs of the baby, a bond of trust is created, with listening and the strength of our intentions the baby guides me. He shows me the positions and the rockings he wishes to experience, to revisit. Everything is playing out every moment. The magic happens.

The young parents are, in turn, at the forefront of his intrauterine experiences, in the secrecy and the sweetness of his intimate life. Dou-ce-ment ... the dance begins, and from now on it is baby who leads the session. A story of such precious trust is born between my hands and his body, I follow him, he is the one who knows the sensations he was experiencing: on his side, on his back, on his belly, the water massages his body. .. the tensions are released, as in your belly. Little by little, in order to fully feel all these reminiscences of this past so close, I will guide baby, he will naturally immerse his head in the water, leaving only his respiratory tracts outside of it, this is the magic of her uterine world which is expressed: What happiness!

Rose Quartz, the softness of a natural stone to accompany skin care

This so archaic and powerful treatment comes to seek in me all my creative energy, all my Ying strength, all my sweetness and solicits all the power of my intention, the Thalasso Bain Bébé is crossed beyond words. is my hypersensitivity that I release during these unique moments, it fills me with happiness. However, I need to recharge myself, passionate about the power of nature, it is from her that I draw my energy, my office is full of plants, shells of all kinds ...

Sensitive to the powers of stones, lithotherapy, it was natural for me to receive this wonderful Rose Quartz sphere from ILADO. Its roundness and softness remind me of fertility, that of the Earth but also of the Mother. It quickly found its place on the rim of the Thalasso Bain Bébé bathtub, it summons the intimate relationship between love and the heart, it is also connected to the heart chakra.

Evocative of the Love of the World, of peace and the appeasement of hearts, however small it may be, her presence seemed to me to be quite appropriate in the room, exclusively dedicated to Thalasso Bath Baby. Indeed, the energy circulating during the treatment is quite intense, intimate and the space is designed so that everyone can deposit what they want with confidence, in all kindness.

Thus, the baby leaves all the tensions linked to past events in the water and the parents let go of their guilt: transgenerational trauma, risky pregnancy (strapping, bed rest, threat of premature birth ...) difficult childbirth ( suction cups, forceps, cesarean section ...), separation at birth (hospitalization of the mother and / or baby ...) etc ...

Tears can flow, then hearts heat up and eventually calm down, love is there. The presence of Rose Quartz, both energetically and symbolically, has definitely found its place on the edge of the Baby Bath Thalasso within my Eau Bien Naître cabinet.

Photo credit: Evanaissance

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