Which swaddle to choose for baby?

Already present in our grandmothers 'wardrobes, the swaddle is making a remarkable comeback in babies' trousseau! The swaddle is that magical accessory that you didn't know before you were a mom and that you can't do without. It then remains to make your choice among the many products on the market. How to choose the swaddle for your baby? Which subject to favor? How to maintain them? We tell you everything!

What is a baby swaddle?

It's hard to imagine how much a simple square of cotton can simplify mothers' lives. Yet you just have to try it to find it indispensable. Better yet, we keep inventing new uses. Originally, the swaddle was used as a washable diaper, until the arrival of disposable diapers. Baby loves its soft, well-absorbent fabric, and the absence of elastic which makes it much more comfortable than diapers. And what about small leaks? On this side, the swaddle turns out to be effective. It conforms well to baby's forms, which is ultimately the best protection against leaks. The other traditional use of the swaddle is swaddling , a practice that has also seen renewed interest in recent years, in particular because it makes it easier for toddlers to fall asleep!

The baby swaddle, multiple uses

By rediscovering the swaddle, mothers realized that they could find all kinds of daily uses for it. In fact, it really is the do-it-all accessory. The wisest piece of advice anyone can give you is to always have a few clean swaddle on hand. The swaddle can turn into a bib, or protect your shoulder when your baby burps (you can never be too careful ...). Folded up, it becomes a headrest or a very comfortable little cushion for your baby. It is very practical for covering the chest and for breastfeeding quietly in public. It protects the bed or the changing table. In summer, it can be used on the stroller as a light blanket, or placed in the grass to accommodate baby! At home, it becomes an awakening blanket. It sometimes happens (oh, miracle!) That a swaddle turns into a blanket, a cult object that your child will not be able to do without! In short, you understand, the swaddle is the multi-tasking accessory that you will not be able to do without!

Which swaddle to choose for baby?

A swaddle is very simple. It is a large square of absorbent cotton 70 to 120 cm square. There are rectangular models, but the squares are more practical for use in addition to disposable diapers or for swaddling. It is best to have diapers of different sizes, so you can draw on your reserve according to the use you want to make of it. Plain, colorful, printed with characters or patterns, there are really swaddles for all tastes. As for the material, choose the healthiest items, that is to say in organic cotton and whose patterns are made from vegetable dyes, safe for your sensitive skin of your baby and respectful for the planet. Double check these indications on the label.

Why use vegetable dyes for baby swaddles?

Used for centuries, vegetable dyes are also making a strong comeback. They are obtained from plants, and are presented as a healthy and ecological substitute for chemical dyes. The colors obtained from dye plants are said to be more subtle, more vibrant, less standardized than those resulting from chemical processes. The visual rendering is not the only interest of these dyes. Their great advantage over chemical dyes is their harmlessness to health. We understand how important it is when it comes to choosing swaddles for your baby. A product in close contact with your most precious assets must be flawless!

How to take care of baby swaddles?

On the maintenance side, you can wash the swaddles with your baby's clothes, taking care to remove any residue (urine, feces or food) beforehand. If there are any stubborn stains, you can dab them with a cloth moistened with 90 ° alcohol and rinse. Hand wash or machine wash? It all depends on the instructions on the care label. But, by washing the swaddles by hand, you will keep their original quality. Use soap, without perfume or chemicals, to prevent any risk of allergy. Rinse the swaddles well until the water is perfectly clear, to remove all traces of soap. Should I use a fabric softener or not? Yes, even if it may seem counterintuitive at first. Fabric softeners protect against skin irritation and dryness. They also allow faster drying, thus preventing the development of mold. These are two good reasons to use them. Always choose a hypoallergenic fabric softener. There are specific ones for the skin of toddlers, which you can use as a priority.