Baby massage, an unforgettable skin to skin!

Why massage your baby? What are the benefits of massage for your baby? How to properly massage your baby? Ilado plunges with you into the heart of baby massage, for his greatest happiness, and yours, of course!

Where does baby massage come from?

We start with a little focus on the origins of baby massage. It is known to be practiced in many parts of the world, in Asia, Africa and the South Pacific. It only began to develop in the West in the 1980s and in the United States, before reaching Europe. Newborn massage, as it is currently practiced in our society, is a kind of mix between Swedish and Indian massage. He also borrows techniques from yoga and reflexology.

When to start massaging baby?

Practicing messages on a toddler can seem risky when you do not yet know the appropriate actions. However, massage does not present any risks for babies born at term and in good health. Massage can only bring them benefits! You can start massaging your baby from his first days.

Massage, an amazing technique to strengthen the parent-child bond

Yes, massage is a great way to nourish the parent-child relationship! Skin-to-skin contact stimulates the production of oxytocin in the parent, the attachment hormone. We therefore strongly advise parents, and especially dads, who wish to strengthen ties with their child, to massage it. Dads have a lot less bonding time with their babies than moms. Massage is one of them. It's up to them to take advantage of it!

What are the benefits of massage for the baby?

Massage is a way to develop so-called non-verbal communication with your child, that of the body . It is also a moment of pleasure and relaxation for the child. toddler, which helps him to develop well. You may be surprised to know that massage promotes the secretion of melatonin (the sleep hormone), which has regulatory effects on babies' sleep. Oh, miracle! One tip to make your child fall asleep easily, you can't refuse, right? So, why not make massage a daily appointment by making it part of your baby's routine? You can allow 10 to 20 minutes, and even up to 30, if you and your child particularly enjoy this time of sharing.

How to properly massage your baby?

You can start with a massage for a few minutes to see how the baby reacts. In principle, babies like to be massaged. But if you see him tense, restless and in a bad mood, you don't need to dwell on this just yet. Massage is an adventure for two. By massaging your child, you will quickly learn to recognize what he likes and you can thus adapt the sessions according to his preferences. Always practice the message very gently. You can start with a massage of the ankles and wrists, arms, legs and back. Then, continue with the face, chest and neck. And since it is not forbidden to combine pleasures, you can accompany your gestures with soft words or sing to your baby a tune that he particularly appreciates.

At what time of the day to massage baby?

The rule of thumb is to choose a time when your little one is relaxed. Do not massage a crying or restless baby thinking of comforting him. You would achieve exactly the opposite effect. The child stimulated by the massage would cry and fidget even more! Choose other more suitable times: before sleeping, after bathing, before breastfeeding. Choose a quiet place, and sufficiently heated, because remember that baby only has his diaper during the massage. Provide soft lighting. As for where to settle down, you can put a blanket on the floor or on your bed or place yourself on the changing table.

What is the ideal product for massaging your baby?

There you have the choice: grapeseed oil, olive oil or a simple moisturizer. In particular, avoid using petroleum jelly or any other petroleum product that is harmful to your baby. You can also use a specific product, such as Ilado Baby Massage Oil. Remember to remove all your jewelry (rings, bracelets, watch, etc.), which could scratch your baby's fragile skin!

the Ilado touch

To strengthen the bonds with your child, you can practice other close mothering techniques: breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping…, there are plenty of ways to please your baby and strengthen the bonds that unite you !