Hear the wonderful crystal-clear sound of the bola


Appease future mothers

Carrying life is a rich and unique experience. During this period, your lifestyle, your state of being has a concrete effect on your growing baby. But it is often difficult to calm down, and pregnancy sometimes comes with doubts and apprehensions. The gentle vibrations of your Bola can take you to a state of calm and well-being that you transmit to your baby.


Strengthening the prenatal bond

From the 26th week of pregnancy, your baby gradually becomes sensitive to familiar sounds from his natural environment - the beating of your heart, your breathing - but also to external sound stimuli - voice, music, singing. The abdominal wall filters high-pitched sounds. Low frequencies, such as daddy's voice or low notes are perceived best. The ringing of the Bola has a relaxing effect on mum. Baby immediately feels these positive vibrations and the melody of the pendant is in his ear as soft as a whisper.


Reassure Your Newborn

Baby Newborns have been shown to recognize certain sounds heard during pregnancy, such as their mom's heartbeat, and that this is soothing to them. Slip your Bola safely into your ILADO lovey. Its gentle tinkling will remind your little one of the safety and well-being felt in utero, favoring their serene adaptation to the outside world.


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